Japan Risk Forum
JRF “Risk Scoring Vector” – December 2013 results
Jan 08, 2014  Risk Typhoon
Japan Risk Forum (JRF), a voluntary association of risk managers from Japanese businesses and academia, updated its assessment on Japan’s economic future scenarios as of December 2013. JRF (we) first published the framework of its risk assessment tool, “Risk Scoring Vector” in May 2013, followed by the score results for June 2013. The current December release is the first update. In the “Risk Scoring Vector” framework, JRF assesses three stylized economic scenarios for Japan, namely “Abenomics to succeed”, “Stagflation” and “Back to deflation”. JRF then gives scoring on each scenario based on the actual performance of economic variables as well as our assessment on policy directions. For more details on its method, we encourage our readers to see our past publication on the tool “Mapping Japan’s Economic Future”. Abenomics Sailing Ahead 201312[pdf 123KB]